No Way Out

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Though I know it would be hard to get through.
How to know it hurts so miserably
You did not deserve the trust put in you.
Even my dreams may fade to obscurity
If I could forget the things said and done.
Yes I’d like to find the faith without doubt
Can’t you see except you I have no one,
So even leaving you –
That’s no way out!

Neither with you nor existence alone.
Sadness lead me to confusion unknown
Am I blesses or am I at least just proud,
And leaving you –
That’s no way out!

I am attempting to convince myself of liberty,
That even lovers do require certain space to feel free.
But in the end I realise that we both can not change.
I truly need you –
There’s no way out!

How should I sleep,
how should I breathe,
How should I face the truth.
How should I choose without regrets,
Tell me, what should I do –
That’s no way out!

Love me, held me, love me
Don’t leave me alone

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