John Butler Trio

Nowhere Man

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I'm in and I'm out
Alien, from somewhere else
Don't know what the hell I be on about
From here and there
Belong, nowhere
Seems so many know the name... now
And things don't seem to be the same
But are somehow
'cause all my life I've lived on the... outside
And now I'm in, but in nowhere

Nowhere man
Nowhere man
Nowhere man
Nowhere man
Strangely enough I'm more like a lone tree
I love those forests but alone better suits me
But I love to share
Just like the pollen loves to be free
Flying through the air
Nowhere better suits me
Somewhere down deep inside
Of me
I guess I always wanted to be part of that we
And now I found that in my... family
And now I'm happy just to be

Nowhere man
Nowhere man

Autor(es): John Butler

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