Barbra Streisand

No Wonder

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[-- It's a little chilly in here]
[-- I thought it was rather warm myself]
[-- Yes, it is warm for this time of year]

No wonder she suits him
She never disputes him
[-- Last year was also warm]
The conversation
Is not too exciting
But oh
What a change it must be!
To spend an evening
Where there's no conversation
Must be a relief after me!
[-- I'll get dessert]
And though there's nothing much
To challenge your mind here
Who cares
When the food's so delicious?
Not to mention
These beautiful dishes
A matched set
From France yet!

[-- You look pensive]
[-- No, I was just thinking]
[-- About me?]
[-- As a matter of fact, I was]
[-- Good thoughts?]
[-- Something smells good. What is it?]
[-- It must the cinnamon in the baked apples]
[-- Oh! You bake apples too!]

No wonder he loves her
No wonder to me
[-- A cushion?]
[-- Why not?}
With ribbons and laces
In all the right places
[-- Milk or lemon?]
[-- Yes, please!]
I must admit
It's all very pleasant
And this is a comf'table room
[-- Which?]
[-- Which what?]
And if he likes
The smell of lilacs and roses
Then maybe
He likes her perfume
[-- Lemon or milk?]
And though her silky hair
And milky complexion are nice
Still they're not
That distracting
[-- Anshel?!]
[-- Milky!]
[-- What??]
[-- Milk, milk]
So what accounts
For the way he's been acting?
[-- Honey?]
Her softness?
[-- No!]
[-- No honey]
Her sweetness?
[-- Sugar]
How could he resist her
[-- A cookie?]
And why would he try?
[-- How d'ya get them all the same size?]
No wonder he wants her
[-- You notice everything]
He needs her
[-- The china]
He loves her
[-- The cookies]
No wonder
[-- That's really wonderful!]
So would I
[-- Where are your parents, Haddass?]
[-- Should they have left this long?]
[-- They trust you, Anshel!]
[-- Maybe they shouldn't]
[-- What?]
{-- I mean, maybe they'd buy like some tea]

Autor(es): Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman; Michel Legrand

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