No Words Allowed

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Planets are drifting as you lay with your eyes closed
Through the ground where the corn grows
Levitating from the inside out,

Your skin is shaking; you're moving your mouth
But no words come out,
No words come out

Your pores, are they leaking the taste of a corn field
Where a jet plane collides with my window shield
Every time I think of you?
I've only wanted to lay next you
With no words allowed,
No words come out

When we're buried underground
Meet me in the dead people's lounge
My skeleton bones will still want to be with your skeleton bones

All peaceful and perfect
We won't make a sound
We won't make a sound

Sixty years and later and so far from Iowa
The boy in the field never dreamed that someday I would
After all these years, and all these miles
Fall in love with his grandchild
I fell in love with his child

I fell in love with you, child.

Autor(es): Carolyn Berk