A Life Divided

No World Order

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Fallen from almighty hands
I'm flying through the mist of evil
Yes i'm coming for this promised land
'cause i was told

I'm made of ignorance and stubbornness
Legitimated by a piece of shit
Programmed to kill each and every ass
That's what i've been told

I'm burning
I'll bury

I was sent from up above
Liberation is my highest aim
Priorities will start to roam
In my father's name

Blood will give me peace tonight
That's what i've been longing for so long
When i explode it feels quite right
You're dead when i'm done

Hear me falling
Freedom's calling
Sirens yawning
As i'm falling

This world is burning i'm the fire
The order takes a while but i'm in time
As soon as the last crap is blinded
Everything will be fine

Globalize myself tonight
Hold my fellows on a short line
I shall overcome sometime
So show respect for my might

And you can't say it doesn't bother you
They target you in your swoon, too
And there ain't gonna be a helping a-team
Take a look at the news this very day
It's getting far too late
Well you don't need to say, all this shit
Won't help us anyway, no
We're caught in a cage
And so bound to our ways
We're about to break