Oh No

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perfect day, not a breeze,
not a problem they could have seen.
green light, leaving ground.
One more time, to the line,
three inside, for what? who really cares?
our screams won't make a sound.

Oh no, uh oh, send somebody for us
Oh no, it's too late

Red light on, blinking wrong, signal gone,
cut off from everything.
eyes wide protocol, black abyss, welcomes us,
not a thing it seems could help us now.
hope has broken down.

Why can't they show us the way?
Show us show us now

We're drifting, we're listing,
all systems going nowhere.
untethered, too weathered,
so this is how it will end.
Oh mother, oh father, we're closer now
than we've ever been.
Then why can't we see the light?

Autor(es): Limp