Ninja Sex Party

NSP Theme Song

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Running really fast, jumping super high
Flipping over shit, making stuff explode
Flipping over more shit

Fighting lots of guys, writing kick-ass jams
Doing other things, giving you the sauce
That's what we do, 'cause

We are Ninja Sex Party
Shooting music all over your body

I'm Danny Sexbang
Check out my kung fu
I'm getting sexy (unh!)
I'm gettin sexy for you

And Ninja Brian is fast and deadly
Stabbing dudes and then writing tasty medleys

Are you seduced yet?
No need to answer
Tonight we're gonna rock you even though you didn't ask us to

Slapping unicorns, going into space
Breaking out of jail, trying on some bras
Don't worry, they're man-bras

Clapping way too long, listening to ham
Blowing up the sun, wearing tiny hats
And now you know that

We are Ninja Sex Party
Musically seducing all the hotties

Brian's a ninja
Danny's a hot Jew
And we are best friends (yeah!)
We are best friends, it's true

Don't try to stop us
We're on a mission
Every girl must now make the decision

Which to have with sex with
No need to answer
I know it's Danny Sexbang he's the handsomer of the two
And Ninja Brian's fat

Oh, hey, Ninja Brian, I'm sorry
Uh, that came out wrong, I didn't mean to call you fat
I meant stupid, and ugly
And fat

Autor(es): Brian Wecht / Dan Avidan

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