Nuclear Winter

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Closed within my throughts
Thinking about my life
I can't fall asleep
In the still of this night
People around me
Stare at the frozen sky
And a cold wind blows WIND BLOWS
Blinding all my sight

Am i alive?
Can i survive?

Out there the snow falls
Killing all kinds of life
No trees, no sea and no sun
The world is painted in white
Take me away
I wanna see a burning sky
Save me from this nuclear winter
Show me some kind of light

From inside this shelter
I see a deadly black bird
Crying an old sad song
To a land once called earth
I'm cold and weak
My mind is such a torment
I'm lost and confused
I'm dying at each moment

Am i alive?
Can i survive?

Dreams that once i had
A little boy's fantasy
Now they're all gone
That's the end for me