N.Y.C. Paddy

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When I walk around this town, dear
I do belong here
Biddies came before and worked here
Built here, got killed here
Tyrants put them down and jeered them,
Deep down feared them
Coz they know that they couldn't get away
With what they had done back in Eireann yesterday

NYC paddy, NYC paddy, NYC paddy, NYC paddy

When I walk around in Brooklyn
Paddies still working
Woodside and the Bronx
Young Biddy I know she loves me
People proud and strong
They won't be walked on
Walked on anymore
Biddy knows the score
Tell the children why
Irish people cry
Tell them who they are
And of the fight so far

NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy

Kathleen don't you cry, coz tomorrow
They'll be no sorrow
Things are lookin' up for Paddies
At home and overseas
Whether in New York, Perth or Gortahork, Brummy or Berlin
Paddies gonna win
Toronto, Kilburn, Sydney, Montserrat and Derry
Newfoundland or the Banna Strand of Kerry
Liverpool, Chicago
Manchester and Glasgow
We've been there and we've done that
Built those places and then sat
On the hills and thought of home
And travelling Paddy always in roam
But she's stronger nowhere young biddy
Than the grand old town, of NYC

NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy
NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy, NYC Paddy.

Autor(es): Damien Dempsey

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