Nymphomatic Zombie Rapist

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On this world devoid of life
hideous lust must be satisfied
by walking cadavers roaming outside
as she fucks those who died and rise

Stalking a lone zombie
kicking out all his feeth
neutered biter
prime piece of fuck meat

Straddling the decaying head
pussy grinding his toothless face
in ecstasy she sighs and grind
the undead she rides

The smell of decay
fills her nostrils with glee
paradise of decaying toys
brittle and grey

In this world of decay
she finds her ecstasy
appeasing her rancid fantasies
and morbid sexuality

Tonguing the toothless hole
relishing the taste of rot and puss
tear of decaying clothes
riding of mummified dick
grasping around his torn pants
for rigor mortis cock
she finds what she is looking for,
rotting but oh so thick

Hike up her skirt and
inserts it in her ass
the rotting scabbed price
she rides it hard as flesh peels off
and mixes with fluids
reeking of fucking death

The undead corpses - rotten carcass -
creeks and groans
violently fucking the decaying mass
ribs snap and flesh scabs
the undead driven wild by the smell of blood and bile
feebly bites her tits
urging her on to orgasmic bliss
then she is done
abused zombie lies
never again to rise

Fucked To a Second Death

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