Planet Smashers


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She said to me that she'll reach her objective
No matter what they said
She would not be affected
They wouldn't believe her ideas were rejected
She was dejected
She said she'd find a way so forget about them
Odds were stacked against
But she wouldn't give in
Wouldn't give in

Still they shook their heads at her objective
Their opinions, she would not let infect her
Oh no no no to their negative objections
Their objections

And still she'd find a way, so forget about them
Wouldn't give her a break
But she don't need one
Oh oh
Yeah she'd find a way to forget about them
They wouldn't believe in her
But she couldn't give in
Oh oh
I knew about her objective
I must admit that I wouldn't have guessed it
She impressed me, I'll never forget it
Never forget her

Oh oh her objective
Oh oh her objective
Oh oh her objective

Autor(es): The Planet Smashers

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