Frozen Mist

Obsidian Choker

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Her latent smile arouses the dim light
In blatent seas of transparent blue
Recollections, the stars burn bright
A mystical gothic choker wraps around you.

Obsidian serenity leaves a frozen chill
The mist of black beautiful screams
Dull surroundings remind me of you
I've come to haunt your pleasant dreams.

Death grins as my rivers turn red
With lost reality, this darkness shines
Blessed teardrops fall into the eyes of the dead
Kiss the goddess in blossom I shall find.

Raven's blood, each drop my wicked denial
Fractured movements, I feel your emptiness
Frailty festering upon the shallow stone
Placid wishes of eternal abstractions.

Obsidian dreams, heartwork lust
Deciphered waves, my oceans of mist
Blood on your neck, choked to death
Substitutions bleed unknown eradications.

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