Of Course Im Alright

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Why do you ask of course I'm alright

I guess I wasn't thinking I'd run into you tonight

Do I seem surprised....Guess you caught me off guard

Yes, I'm really doing fine......No, it hasn't been that hard

How 'bout you.....Getting on with your life

There's so much to tell you, I won't even try

My it's good to see you.....How long has it been?

I must admit I think about you.....every now and then

Back when I opened my eyes....When I layed down at night

Every moment ever since the day you said goodbye

But you'll never know 'cause I keep it inside

How am I doing without you.....Of course I'm alright

Well to tell you the truth.....I guess I have felt better

....God just look at you wow

You make it look so easy....I can see it on your face

Everything we used to be is gone without a trace

If you wanna know....right now I'm sinking fast

Girl, you always could see right behind this mask

But I won't give it away....gonna keep it inside

How am I doin' without you....of course I'm alright


If you don't want to know the truth, of course I'm alright


Autor(es): Billy Kirsch