Oh Yeah, Oh Well

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Hope this album does okay
'Cause all I really want to do is play
But for now I'll pound another nail
Oh yeah, oh well

Trying to buy my childhood home
Born and raised, but I can't get a loan
Buying a piece of heaven can be hell
Oh yeah, oh well

Just when you think you've hit the hammer on the nail
Check is in the mail and the wind is in your sail
That's when you find you've got a tiger by the tail
Oh yeah, oh well

Bought a dog looks like a mouse
Likes to do her business in the house
I think she knows it's wrong, it's hard to tell
Oh yeah, oh well


I've been trying to write my verse
The more I try, the more it just gets worse
If words were food, this verse would really smell
Oh yeah, oh well


Autor(es): Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon / Monroe Jones / Pat Lennon