Mental Home

On A Hand Of The Universe

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Why we die leaving no trace, we're fading
Turned our prayers to the sky.
Hope we have till we take our last breath,
Hope that dies with us gone.

Day by day sand spills away,
Leaving us less words to say
Water flows out of the lake,
Leaving us less breaths to take.
When a bird begins to cry
Swallowed by the autumn sky
Spin of thoughts will take me high
Now I'm gone and lost beyond the dusk...

Like endless flow souls pass the world,
Dissolved like smoke
In crowns of trees I hear the breeze -
"You'll return again..."

If we could rule our joys and sorrows,
If we could rule our lives,
All our dreams, all we had grown inside
Ourselves would not be so vain

Why we live as if like we are forever,
Burning fast to the end.
Wish we are more than just dust that spills through
Hands of the Universe...

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