A Perfect Kiss


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When home returns to a shattered man, when every spring was love, before I fired away every held hand, you dug up your mistakes and gave them all names.
You counted all the dates and gave them all blame.
When we are away under a sunrise, once=always?
The beach is a heart thief.
If there is no closure or a new start for all of my life before it falls apart, I'll sit alone so far away and die before the end of the day.
We are passion! Collapsing and removed.
We will never learn from any of this.
(And you, you fall inside my heart.)
We never could. (And you, I thought you were my fate, and now this burning hate won't fade away.)
Facing a demon. Resisting murder.
Repell obssesion. Revive possesion.
And let go! Give me a name. Oncealways?