On Choppers

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[Chorus: Big Moe]
Down South we roll on choppas, on choppas
Down South we roll on choppeeers
Down South we roll on choppas, on choppas
Down South we roll on choppeeers

[Verse 1: Big Pokey]
Down south
The rollin don't stop
Pushin the big bout it benz with no top
Now stop
We bout to approach the red light
Sippin red sprite blue legs head lights
Betta find a night cuz I can beat my opponents
One deep blowin sweets when I creep up on it
Headin west
Tv in the head rest
Leather and wood wheels
Place in front of my chest
Blue says parlay on the place
Big bout it lookin swoll
Like it was liftin weights
Stampidin out the gates
100 miles per hour
V 12's and horse power
Got niggas mouth sour
Stayin tall as tall
Crawlin slap supreme
Maxin the gasoline
Under them 19's
Coast platineme
Wood grained contaminated
On the mall paint job
Got the 6

[Chorus: Big Moe]
Repeat 2x

[Verse 2:Big Moe]
A non stop we rollin nation wide
Popped up a Moe-y-yo wit fog lights
I put it down wit my kid Po-yo
On the low low
In the game I'm a pro
In the game I ain't lame rollin out on chops
Smokin on the killa mary jane
And the job is freestyle
Playa buck wild
Big a Moe is gonna shiiiine yi yi
I'ma lean lean
Stackin my green
Everytime you see a Moe-yo
I'm on the codeine
I'm bout da damn drank
A playa don't play
I'm bout the chopppin the boulevard everyday
On choppers
Rollin on dem choppers
Rollin on chop
Rollin on chop

[Chorus: Big Moe]
Repeat 2x

[Verse 3: Big Pokey]
They got the fillas on three
But us the 20 inch rims pillas
Next week catch us on tv
Like "Look at dem niggas'
Slangin elbows
Always wanna creep wit dem
Sleep wit dem
Them boys roll deep this real
Down south is the spot
Where spokes get broke
9 slayas wit clip coats
And floss with no notes
40 inches round my throat
Wit a blingin piece
On vo's doggin my hoes
Wit da bubble release
Me Chris, Magic, and Sweeps
We reppin the Yella
Rappin togetha
For life
We gonna rep it forever
Hoggin the lane
Raise dat ass shake that thang
In all 16 switches we tryin to break the frame
Nationwide in the game
Tryin expose the headed
Went from bustin 9 carriage
To v squares wit karats
Maan we know
Down south is the place
Signin out for south NA

[Chorus: Big Moe]
Repeat 4x