Allen Asbury


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I've got a million reasons I could praise your name
A thousand reminders of just how good you are
Hundreds of blessings that fill my day
And a life time to spend with you
You had all of eternity at your command
Thirty three years to give your life away
Ten thousand angels couldn't comprehend
The one thing you chose to do

A single act of love - single act of mercy
Undenying grace that changed my world

It took one life - it took one love
It took one cross to bring forgiveness
It took one prayer - it took one hope
It took one light to break the darkness
It didn't take the sum of all creation
Cause that would never have been enough
It took just one

There are so many questions running through my mind
Not enough answers of why you died for me
Add it all up and it just wont make sense
That one man could set us free

One who is faithful, one who is holy
One who is righteous, one who is worthy
One who is loving, one who can save me
One who is patient, one who is waiting

Autor(es): Allen Asbury / Brian White / Don Koch

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