One Eighty

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Falling down into a hole you say it won't happen to you
How can you be so sure when everything you've had has turned to nothing
You used to have it all, and look at you now
You're attitude has completely turned around
You're not the same, people change as time goes by
I guess it's hard to understand
But when you go against every word you swore was true
it's hard to look to you or even call you friend
i feel like i've been abused, when i listen to you
You used to shove your beliefs in my face
All those fights we had, they didn't mean a thing
Everything we had never meant a thing
I look to you i see what you say you'd never be
And now you're laughing at me
Too bad i get the last laugh
Because i'm still the same
I haven't become what i'd never be, i haven't become my enemy
Are you talking because i can't hear you
I am sorry because i can't be what you want me to be
Let's go back in time and start over again
No thanks, it's not like that

Autor(es): Down to Nothing

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