Tom Zé

Other Stupi Thing I Did

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You're inside, oh my love, and you left me
Outside the door,
In the night, in the cold, in the naked town
I can hear, it's the fireworks, and it's New Year's Day -
Chicken pox, and then measles,and then, a nasty fever
That entered my chest like an invading army
With barbed wire wrapped around my young skin
... hmmmmm
And / knew, once again, and I felt like a fool,
& my passion was growing
You know, I'm in pain
It was you, it was nothing, it's only my heart
Was the door, was the night Was a song
Chicken pox, a new year, a fool
I was young, and / didn't know how to begin...

Autor(es): David Byrne / Tom Zé