Our Father Who Art In Hell

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Give praise to Lucifuge,
Give praise to Satanachia,
Give praise to Agafiarept,
You will give praise to Satan!

Give praise to Fluerety,
Give praise to Sargatanas,
Give praise to Nebiros,
You will praise to Satan!

By the mysteries of the deep,
By the force of sacred majic rites.

Flame eternal - demon form,
Dark winged angel from heaven falls - bringing fire.

He who shows us the pleasures of sin,
The beauty of darkness - the virtues of death,
To know the meaning of desolation,
I kneel only before him for he is me.

Jesus burn in Satan's flames! [x2]

[Lead: Necromancer]
[Lead: Stormbringer]

Autor(es): Stormbringer

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