One Mile More

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Old beatup suitcase on the platform a train ticket in my hand
And the train just arrivin' that'll take me as far as fourteen dollars can
But the train won't take me far enough it never has before
I've got to find how far her memory reaches then go one mile more

I ain't never found a mountain that was high enough or a hole too dark and deep
Cause if I lose her mem'ry in a bottle of wine she finds me in my sleep

[ guitar ]
I think of me and that old suitcase places we've both been
Down the rails and the jails and the cheap hotels now we're gone again
And when I'll ride my money up and they won't let me ride no more
Then I'll wait by the track for a slow moving freight and watch for an open door

I ain't never found a mountain...
She finds me in my sleep she finds me in my sleep

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