Chaka Khan

One Million Kisses

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If I could only shake the hand of time
'Cause time has been good to us
Bringin' us closer together
I know our love is of a special kind
A real everlasting love, that keeps getting better and better

Night after night, night after night, day after day
The closer we get - with every minute - just tickin' away
Our love has come to see maturity
And from the very day we said hello
I washed out our love for all
One million kisses later
Our love is so much greater
One million kisses after

We share more love than laughter
We've been through a lot together - you and I
But time has been good to us
Givin' us so much to treasure

So many tomorrows we have left behind
The future becomes harsh
But this kind of love will last forever



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