Black Mary

One Minute

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I know it now that i was such a fool
To turn my back on You
When You had given me everything
I let You down, I know that's true
now i come to realize that
there are no happy days because
You're not here, i need to know if
there's a chance for me again

All i need is 1 minute of Your time
5 seconds of it may change Your mind
10 secons to make You see
15 to say Lord I'm sorry
For all the things I've done
I'll take 20 more to say You're the one
9 to think it through
i'll take the one to say I love You

Late at night when I was alone
You held me in Your arms
I strayed away only to find
There was no place to hide
Lord please hear me wehn i say
I'll give my life to You whatever I've got to do
Show me Lord and i will live for You


I'm not willing, give up on You
knowing that You always stood right by me
Until You've forgiven me my world won't turn
So if you hear me Lord i'm saying that i'm
Said i'm saying sorry