Jon B

One More Dance

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[Verse 1:]
Let me be the first to say that you turn me on miss lady
You're dancing like it's your favorite song now
Must say you got a sexy way
Those turns and spins make my head go round
Make me wanna sit my champagne down
And celebrate the fact that we're here
I'm here with you, you make me look good girl
So strap on your dancing shoes and move and feel free
There's just no way that his jam can lose
That's why I'm aksing you to give me

One more dance, one more dance
One more chance, one more chance

[Verse 2:]
Tonight is kinda crowded baby
I'm faded cause I'm so high on you
Intoxicated, stuck in the groove
And I know you feel it too
It's hard to believe that it feels so good
So girl, you do it like I know you should
Dance again cause we got this down
Never stop cause this love we feel is special
So lets go all night cause truly I feel there's nothing better
There's just no way that this can lose
That's why I'm asking you to give me one