Fucked Up

One More Night

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"I've spent too much of my life defending my past.
Can't find power in truth when it never lasts.
Never said I was a hero, just that I'd been miscast.

Throughout all of the stress of being accused.
My defenses replaced the love that we knew.
I never got the chance just to miss you.

I'd go through it again.
I would embrace the pain if it gave me the chance
For just one more glance of you in my arms to hold in my dreams.
It's too hard to ever let you go.
I may be alone now but I'll always know that you'll never be gone
Just as long as I keep hold of the memories we made when we were in love.

I'd give into the lie to keep your memory alive.
I just like to forget you was my only crime.
I never wanted to be right I just wanted to say goodbye.

So take my sight, she's the wind in my hair.
And then take my touch, I know that she's still there,
In the songs of the birds just as long as they're words,
I remember her taste in the sun on my face.
So strip me away, I don't want to be real.
I want to float through this peace that I feel.
The memories stay like a seed in the rain.
I'll nurture our love and live through it again.
She's alive in my head so I'll live there instead and remember our love.

"Do all words can do, David I still love you.
I want you to grow but never let me go.
I'll be a seed in your heart, I'll be with you when you start,
To turn and hum again, I'll be a part of your love.
Your life will sprout like a tree and all the leaves will be me
And all the fruit will glow just to let you know that I loved you the best, now I can rest."
I felt your hair on my chest as your heart came to rest,
It's tempo tied to the spin of the world I lived in.
Maybe I won't say goodbye, pretend you never died.
But I couldn't live in a world I didn't forgive.
You know if I could, I'd carve myself out of wood,
Paint over my scars and wish upon a star.
I watched that sun as it drowned and rise again from the ground,
In its perennial grace I see your shining face.
Now that you've gone away, I can finally say that
If you were here today I'd love you the same way.
It's all happened before and it will happen again,
When you realize the end is the same place you began.
I rest my case on my heart, I'm sick of playing the part.
I don't want to be right, I just want one more night.
I don't want to be right, I just want one more night.
I don't want to be right, I just want one more night."

Autor(es): 10,000 Marbles / Fucked Up