Vitamin X

One more time

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One more time I'm talking about
the things that I think are wrong
one more time those lyrics you say you heard
already ten milion times!
one last time i'm talking about prejudice and hate
one more time i'm singing a song
dealing with violence and rape

You say that hardcore is repeating itself
those same ol'lyrics in every song
but how the fuck can you really expect
me not singing 'bout what is wrong!!!

ONE MORE TIME? as long as it takes!!

believe it or not but lately I read some reviews where the reviewers were putting bands down because of their socalled boring and cliche lyrics.
This really pisses me off!! You can never have enough lyrics about ending war, ending racism, ending sexism,etc. So as long as those things exist I will never stop singing about it!! And to those who don't like political lyrics: fuck off and go back listening to your Phil Collins collection!!