One night stand

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"It's quarter to nine, get yourself out the window"
You're whispering softly to me
"The sunlight is screening the cracks in my ceiling
I can't let them see you in here."
Well, good morning - I've seen you. I couldn't believe that
You're walking in shame down the streets
Another mistake that I shouldn't have taken
It's Saturday morning and I'm coming home

Thousands of faces decided to call
And they're coming out strongly today
The where's and the why's and the how's
And the things that I've seen
The walk in the park only echoes the doubts
That I felt only hours before
But we're young and we're restless and often forget
The events of the evening before

And you're fading away
Every evening on Carnival Bay
Selling your story but never revealing the score
But why are you choosing to stay
In a prt of me every day?
Why can't you leave every time that I walk in the door?

The evening contenders and other pretenders
Surrounding you every night
They don't stand a chance because fickle romance
Has led you to think that I'm right
And it's hopeless, you're helplessly looking for something
That I couldn't give if I tried
But then you start crying and tearing your eyes into pieces
Do you wish that I'd lied?


You may think you're in love
But you've got a lot to learn baby
You're starting to turn them away
And you're beautiful, just if you try to stay focussed
And leave all this loneliness far from your door
When you're crying and terrified
Strung up and mystified
Thinking of me and the ways that you'd like to get even
Into the depths of your mind
And the bitter perversions you locked up inside it
But no - I won't be taken
And you can't tell me that your heart is breaking
Cos you're fading away
With every evening you made
So just go back home
And talk it over with all the fucks that you live with
Just walk back home
And out of my life