One Spring Morning

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It was one morning in the spring
I went on board to serve the king,
I left my dearest dear behind,
Who often times told me her heart was mine.
When I came back to her father's hall
Inquiring for my jewel
Her cruel father, this reply
Her momma says if you deny
She has married another man
A richer man for all his life
A richer man for all his life
And he has made her his lawful wife
O' God curse gold and silver too
And all false women who won't prove true
For some will take
And then will break
All for the sake of richery
O' stop young man
Don't talk too fast
The fault is great
But none of mine
The fault is great
But none of mine
Don't speak so hard
Of the female kind
If I had gold
You might have part
As I have none
You've gained my heart
You've gained it all
With free good will
So keep my vows
And hold them still
Since hard fortune
Around me frowns
I'll sail this ocean
Round and round
I'll sail this ocean
Until I die
I'll quit my ways
On the mountain high

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