Carolyn Arends

One-Syllable Words

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Psychobabble, legal-ese
People earning Ph.Ds
In Postmodern Paranoid Confusion
Self-indulgent rhetoric
Talk and talk until we're sick
Of arguments that end with no conclusion
Can't we make the point clear
Maybe what we need here are

One syllable words
Faith, hope and love
Truth, peace and trust
One syllable words
That's what we need, yeah

To listen to us talk you'd think
That twenty dollar words are cheap
But answers can't be bought for any tender
Constantly we complicate
Pointlessly pontificate
'Til things are getting worse instead of better
Look at how far we've come
Maybe we should learn some


Everybody knows them
Maybe we should speak in


Faith and hope and love
Truth and peace and trust
Dream and play and watch and pray
Learn and live and laugh and give
Reach and fly and seek and try
With all your heart and soul and mind

Autor(es): Carolyn Arends / Connie Harrington

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