One With Misery

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The stars shine down on the crimson sky
As the night falls upon
The pain arrives and hurts like a twist of a knife
It makes him wish to be gone

So he's facing the curtain descending
With a razorblade smile
He's taken "the path neverending"
Yet only to walk for a while

He's gazing through all that is there
And sees the world left for him to despise
Blissfully feeling so dead, no glimmer in his eyes

So no more joy or forgiving, he's one with misery
Nothing left to believe in, he's reaching out to be free

On that trail the warrior rides
Chasing the fall of his soul
Life's been too dire so the fullest desire has died
Deep from inside
On that trail the warrior rides
From the cradle straight to the grave
Within his heart he feels his soul's being barred
Yet aberrant, aberrant