One Word

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How can I forgive you if you won't apologize?
I can't say it's alright if you don't say you were wrong
Where is the justice if you don't regret it?
You won't admit it, you've just never said it, one word
I know you know what I mean
And I believe you've known all along what needs to be said
'Til then it's hard to believe all your crying, believe you're not lying,
Believe that you're trying somehow…
How many times have I…
Tried to find a way
How many times have I…
Given you the chance to say… one word

One word I'm waiting to hear
The one you keep leaving out
One word you seem to forget
That I can't forgive without… one word

I hear you're throwing around words like compassion and forgiveness
Like if you hide behind some book then this will all just go away
Now you've even got people blaming me for keeping this wound open
And not really coping, I tell 'em I was only hoping for one word
I know you know what I mean
It's a simple thing that even angry children can say
'Til then you know I won't put a stop to it, if you won't cop to it,
I just will not do it at all
All I ever wanted…
Was a reason for me not to leave
All I ever wanted…
Was a moment where I could believe… one word


You who had always been such a healer
Must realize that time is healing nothing at all
To tell you the truth, I think you've waited too long
'Cause there's just too much poison, just too much gone

And I wonder…
How you who love words could let this one stand in your way
And I wonder…
Why it's so damn hard for you to say that one word

Autor(es): Kipp Lennon / Michael Lennon / Scott Crago