One World (Not Three)

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One world is enough for all of us!

Now every woman every man come on and listen to Banton.
This one goes out to all of you and also to your children.
This world was made for all of us yes each and every person.
So lets all jam together now pon this reggae version.

I'd like to start at Genesis in story of creation.
God created moon and sun sea and land and vegetation.
Mmm every fish mmm every bird.
And every single member of the animal kingdom yeah!
Then in his image he created man and woman.
In different places of the world with different skin complexions.
The black man the white man the yellow and the red man.
So as far as I'm concerned there is no need for segregation.

Everyone wants number 1 no one wants to be second.
I'm just as much to blame I am in the game of competitions.
But in our quest to achieve success we all should use discretion.
And set a good example for the younger generation.
This world is for you and this world is for me.
At the end of the day we all got to see that
what we need universally is U. N. I. T. Y.
That's Unity.

Autor(es): Sting

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