Cledus T. Judd

Only 364 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas

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Only 364 more shopping days 'til Christmas
The kids have already started making out their wish list
All of those brand new toys they opened up this morning
Should come with a warning:
Soon becomes old and boring.

Back to the malls there's not one second to waste
Use Grandma's car and get a handicapped parking space

There's only 364 more shopping days 'til Christmas
No here we go again...

Only 364 more shopping days 'til Christmas
Manger scenes are on sale get a free Baby Jesus
So many gifts to buy
So little cash to spend
The second to spend
The second that it ends
It starts all over again.

Might as well leave the tree up
And the lights right where they are
It may seem far away
But it's really not that far


I say that's 364 days times 24 hours
4 times 4 is 16
4 times 6 is 24 plus 1 is 25
4 times 3 is 12 plus 4 is 14
Drop the zeroes down
2 times 4 is 8
2 times 6 is 12 plus 2 is 12
2 times 3 is 6 plus 7
drop the zero
That's 6
8 plus 5 is 13
14 times 2 is 7
7 plus 1
That's 8,736 hours to Christmas
My gosh that ain't much time
I think I' better go

I think that was right

Only 364 more shopping days 'til Christmas
I can't believe how little stress-free time that gives us
The credit's all been maxed out
But there's still layaway
Start now and you might pay
It off before the holiday

Scratch out those names
We can re-use those Christmas cards
Save the wrapping paper
And keep the snow chains on the tires


Blow blow blow
And lots of dough

Ho Ho Ho
No here we go again

Autor(es): Bruce Burch / Christopher Clark / Cledus T. Judd

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