Leo Sayer

Only Dreaming

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Oh when the night creepsup over the hillsideoh it's so quiet up hereyou can hear your thoughts from the insideoh well it took me a whileto take in the atmospheredark clouds of evil all around
You're only dreamingyou're only dreamingyou're only dreamingyou're only dreaming
There is no hooded killerno draculano frankensteinoh well it's all psychologicaloh it's all in your mind
Oh when a boywe'd visit a haunted houseand there were demons insideof that there isn't a doubtand i would hide behind my hand every nightwith fear right there on my brow
Oh i see danger in livingi'm on a runaway train without wheelsnow i'm crawling through a tunnelwith bloodhounds at my heelseverywhere i turn there are screams all aroundbehind trees wolves howl

Autor(es): Frank Farrell / Leo Sayer

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