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Only One Of Them (Must Be Left)

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brief letter from a quitter says an adult doesn't have to act like a child.
He just wants to be fit,
have a job, a fragrant woman, a Drain-trap, a personality,
a wardrobe, a hair cut.
Being mediocre is a human condition that tells us apart from the other animals.

Only One of Them Must Be Left

They have chosen the same time for the final game of railroad surfin'
to runaway they have walked to a far point.

High tension cables pass over the players eleven fighters on each
train's roofs bodies electrocuted one after the other
only one of them must be left.

In the wall the fans were mixed with the themes of the
teams with the bursting of fireworks the sound of
thousand of radios, fighters heat up in the orgy of flags.

Every possible care is little but the drunk guards are much more worried with the result.
The TV broadcasts the prorrogation. now there's only one left on each train.
The two hordes scream: "We're the champs".

Clandestines: "Our indian flag is an ideal of faith and victory".

The dwellers of counter system led the newcomers to a center of
conscience where they must adapt to the new culture
debt is a strange word to a free zone but they're too happy to thing about it.

Free at last free in counter system free in dream land.

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