Most Precious Blood

Oxygen Debt

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Oxygen Debt

Commitment to lasting and total destruction.
Leave nothing left.
Breathing annihilation.
Living the darkest obsession.
Flesh scored like a field.
Byproduct of dissolved inhibition.
By now you'd think I'd have learned my lesson.
I'm this close to giving up.
In one breath turn wish to wonder.
Don't follo me.
I'm going under.
No progression.
Gaping lips anticipation.
Distorted one-sided reflection.
Crippling depression.
Pernicious suppression.
Abandoning conviction.
Internal eutrophication.
Pure elation in regression.
I'm so close to giving up.
I cease to wonder.
Don't follow me.
I'm going under.

Autor(es): Justin Brannan

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