Big Pokey

Only you

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Feel this, uh what
Come on, uh...

[Big Pokey]
I can't lie, you the one for me
I'm your roof when it rain, be up under me
I'm the one that you come and see, on the late night
Leave when it daylight, see we gon stay tight
Unlike the average dame, you a dime piece
That's why it's all about you, not your hine piece
I know, you feeling that
On the bathroom flo', I'm killing that
You love when I dig in that
It's one thing I can't do, put my wig in that
I'ma chill, that's the next nigga job
I'ma hit you with rock hard broad, and some orge'
Expensive weed, and a throwed massage
That'll make a nigga reach, for a Trojan large
On the lake when it's cold, in the closed garage
You my boo, you a throwed lil broad uh

[Chorus: High T]
Only you, can make it happen
For me, we'll see if we'll be
Only you, can make it happen
For me, we'll see if we'll be, only you

[Big Pokey]
Everyday ain't peaches and cream, that's cool though
You my main thang, numero uno
Who knows, what the future gon do
All the shit you go through, know what you my boo
These cats ain't got no clue, what's going on
I put that on Big Rue, and I'ma stomp
24 on the phone, I'ma go on home
You still in the jacuzzi, while you pulling on my bone
You know a nigga alone in the streets
If I ain't home, think I'm gone with a freak
Quit blowing up my beeper and my cellular
On the regular, I'm telling you
Keep your head straight, you gon make a nigga head ache
These hoes good for the late, making the bed break
I'm just like Nate, I got hoes
Remember you the one that I chose


[Big Pokey]
You make a nigga world spin, that's true
You know you my girlfriend, that's you
Whoever would of knew, it must be love
Make a nigga feel like, a lil puppy cause
Every time I look up, you rubbing a nigga
Every five minutes, talking bout you loving a nigga
I bet you had a dozen of niggas, but not me
Them head shots hugging a nigga, mami
One day, we might tie the knot
You might be the one, from the probably lot
Me I'ma ride it out, stay down
First I got some ground rules, I gotta lay down
If you could play bound, then it's on and popping
If not, you gon be long forgotten
It's on, let's talk about
Baby girl, you all I got, uh

[Chorus - 3x]

Autor(es): Michael Banks