On My Feet Again

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I spent a lifetime in prison believing id never get over the fall
Busted for first degree i was to blind to see who was to blame for it all

Some said the devil, but god only knows if i put my future in him
Other folks bet that id never get on my feet again

Running and jumping free as a bird just like a child left to play
Freedom was one more thing i took for granted until they took it away

Marriages breakup and some people take up drinking to make them forget
Both of them swearing, neither one caring wishing that they never met

Taking the child away, who cares what children say until they turn into men
Someday you'll see im gonna be on my feet again

And i left my stomach in houston on some surgeons knife but i sleep though it all
In the recovery room fate dealt the cards to soon taking my legs in the fall

Wheel chairs turn into canes till i learned to walk places that i've never been
Now that im free its good to be on my feet again

Autor(es): David Allan Coe

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