Steve Wariner

On My Heart Again

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You know I could've sworn that I was finally free
Completely and forever over you
Oh I was getting along I even started to believe
That I was finally over these blues but I was wrong

And you're on my heart again that's the way it's always been
When the memories begin I can pretend but I can't win
You're on my heart again I guess that it will never end
Just when I'm about to mend you start on my heart again

It happens every time I'll be doing good and then
I look up and see a car like yours go by
Oh I can't help myself I feel the emptiness again
I've been loving you for so long I know you're gone

But you're on my heart again...
I was wrong it's so strong and you're here on my heart again

Autor(es): Bob DiPiero / Dennis Robbins / John Scott Sherrill

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