Jeff Scott Soto

On My Own

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Tell me the truth & I'll give u the answers
It's always your way, your decision's your grandeur

But don't come cryin' 2 me when u go
Thinking bout i was right, oh so right
It aint u I been dreaming of now i'm done
Don't u look now

I aint gonna be your victim
I aint got that time
Cuz I'm on my own again
So baby, are u listenin'?
U done got me flyin'
Cuz I'm on my own again
Ooh, & it feels so right

If life is a highway then yours is the fast lane
Well, I'm sick of the lies u ins-s-ist having your way

Cuz now these chains are binding, I aint buying
Now it's time 4 u 2 go, I think it's bout that time baby
I guess I'll just go walking'
You're pride is talking again
Well don't look back now


Now listen, don't come cryin' 2 me when u go
Thinking bout I was right, ooh so right
Just go walking you're pride is talking again, talking again
Again & again & again & again


Autor(es): Soto

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