Enuff Z'nuff

On My Way Back Home

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Oh no I've done it again,
I went wandering off
And I made a new friend.
My friend is bringing me down,
On my hands, on my knees,
See me crawling around.
I never mean too,
But I just seem to,
Please put me in my place!

On my way back home,
Where I know it's stable.
On my way back home,
The road is long.
On my way back home,
I hope I'm able to face it alone.
On my way back home.

Three days without any sleep,
See the mirror in my face
Show the lines running deep.
Before it all evens out,
Though I won't even know
What I'm talking about.
I just can't take it,
I hope I make it.
I want my money back!

Repeat Chorus.

I sit here holding my head.
Like a lost little boy,
I'm emotionally dead.
I know where I want to be,
But I don't want to drive
'Cause I can't really see.
I've had enough stuff,
Come downs can get rough.
I need my honey's face!

Autor(es): Vie

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