On & On

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i would have called you if i had known you still think of me. its been a couple of years since i made you so unhappy. when i look in your eyes, i remember those times. time flies so fast, seems like yesterday, when i had you everyday, now i feel like an ass. you could have called me on the phone, you could have left a message when i wasnt home and then i might have known, what was going on and on. now i am with you again and i know you're thinking of me, its been a couple of weeks since you made me so very happy. when you told me where you want to go, with my heart i let you know i felt the same but when i think about what i did for months i still feel the shame, and when im gone on tour i think about you, and i miss you more. i promise i know right from wrong but i'll never know whats really going on.