On The Low

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Cause girl if you wanna stay over you should keep it on the low

Girl you need to keep it on the low, you want our spot to be blown?
You know my thinking’s clearer after dark, get the lights off that’s the best part,
And I know, that this has been a long time coming,
but there’s a twenty deep list of people who I swear wouldn’t find this shit funny,
If you’ve got the same intentions as me, I won’t end up running,
cuz you’ll keep your mouth shut, you know I’ll keep your tongue in,
I don’t want lies, I just want time to lay you down, get hypnotized,
making every little minute that she with me a prize, secret’s got an upside,
don’t get pissed, no slammed doors, feeling good, nothing more,
girl I love what we got, you gotta,

Keep it on the low
Keep it on the low

What’s next? I’ll come by later, now you’re with your friends so,
do us a favor and delete this text,
I don’t fuck with the stress, look at what I got in my Guest,
It’s a pack of king papers, a bag of bad behavior, to take you away from this mess,
girl I can’t fall in love with you, I’ve seen that side of me before,
If you like our location under the radar, then lay low, and say nothing,
If they ask I’mma stay,

Ducking them signs, open the blinds, I’m focused on mine,
Can’t fuck with my mind, I don’t have the time, I’m ducking her signs

Chorus- David

Keep it on the low
Keep it on the low

Bridge- Carter

And you can come untie all my knots,
and you can get back in to this bed of mine