On The Verge Of Tears

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Senselessly and full of silence I’m waiting here tonight
And with a sort of scorn a waft of mist is covering my life
It is for lack of reason in my past I’m aging pointlessly?
And then I close the eyes to bide my time in absence of a dream

How should I stand the darkness without a distant glow?
How should I cross the desert without a grain of hope?
How can I face the silence without a voice that’s near?
And while I feel the raindrops I’m on the verge of tears …

Bitterly the memories are torturing my mind
Of all this places where I left my verve as time was passing by
And now I realize the path I took might end prematurely
Isn’t it cynical, but now I’m yearning for this dreamless sleep

I sigh for it, I’d fight for it, I’d die for it, I’ll try …

Autor(es): Sylvan

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