Mireille Mathieu

On The Way To School

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On the way to school each morning,
Making sure they won't be late,
All the animals are going
With their books they just can't wait.
Little mouse wears great big glasses,
And the peacock holds a pen,
Here's the duck who loves his classes,
Baby chicks with mama hare.
Five little kittens wearing their mittens
Tend to lag behind.
They might be scared, but they won't be spared
From their very first time.
On their way to school each morning
You can hear the turtle sigh,
She's a huffing and a puffing,
Every inch just like a mile.

On the way to school together
Just because they love to learn
Go the beasts by any weather,
Always happy to return.
See the camel with his knapsack,
The giraffe beside the skunk,
Baby elephant had sit back,
Holding mama by the trunk.
Here come the monkeys, the zebras and donkeys.
The chickens and the horse.
They realise the way to get wise
Is to read of course.
Said the turtle to the panda.
When she got to school so late,
Gonna send a note to Santa,
Ask him for a pair of skates,
Ask him for a pair of skates!