Cross Movement

On This Day

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Verse 1:
It's Christmas Eve/ You're making plans for the evening/ Can't wait to see the gifts that you'll be receiving/ Call up your friends and family to share the moment/ 'Cause after all it wouldn't be Christmas without them here…/ You've hung the lights, tied the bows, and poured the eggnog/ Even put the finishing touches on the tree /What's left to do, but to give a toast for all of your blessings/ Numb to the very purpose of this day…

May this Christmas/ Be the day/ You find his love
May this Christmas/ Be the day/ You find what you're searching for…

Verse 2:
So holidays really don't mean that much to you anymore/ For one reason or another/ Was it the loss of a child, or a friend, or your family/ That made this season so hard to bear?/ You've tried everything to get yourself in the mood/ From TV shows to the very clothes you wear/ Not taking time to see the needs of another/ Or the One who gave himself for you…


For God so loved the world/ That he gave his only begotten Son
That on that day was the beginning of new life for me and you…

Verse 3:
So when we have come to the knowledge of the Truth/ And our hearts and eyes are fixed on Jesus/ The Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world/ Then we'll really know the true meaning of Christmas

Chorus 2:
May this Christmas/ Be a day, a day of great joy!
May this Christmas/ Remind us of God's great Love

Vamp (2x)

Jesus (3x)
Emmanuel, the Lamb of God
Jesus 3x
Laid down your life for the sins of the world

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