The Riot Before

On Tracks Asleep Beneath The Snow

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I'm feeling old
I've been painted in a portrait that I locked inside the attic now
It's time to stab and let it bleed
Because the soul is growing more and more uneasy
With the words and lack of feeling that
Escape my mouth but don't deceive

Because the fog will seldom break
Long enough to safely navigate
I wish I could hold you in the air
Put you down and with sincerity declare
That I believe

I'm leaving now
From the simple road I've taken paved with every phrase and statement used
To edify and then repeat
I won't allow
My feet to follow false progression of the shallow empty question that
Is answered fast but so empty

Cause the fog will seldom break
Long enough to safely navigate

So I'm breaking from blind race
I'm digging in my heals
Refuse to transfer into canvas
And honestly I'll feel
Every doubt and every dispute
And fear that dogs my mind
And with every challenge I take
With every victory
I'll climb higher towards the cloud line
Ever gaining clarity
When my feet are firmly planted
I'll look out and I will find
That I'm breathing out and breathing in the air
And the moon the stars the sun they still declare
That I believe

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