Ceremonial Castings

Onwards to Gallows Hill

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Onwards to gallows Hill
march on unto the face of death
seek the world beyond the locust tree
one by one to hang by neck

Onwards to gallows hill
the unsacred ground of ruin
where witches hang &
the crowd applaud
for the sentence &
extermination of each druid

Herenow before all eyes
condemned with noose to hang
& upon some certain bloodline
a curse to he these witches sang
without remorse & without guilt
under the devil they feel no shame
rope around neck with heads on tilt
their eyes of fire still praise his name

One by one they are set to fall
& the sky lets loose it's rain
clouds gather & bring forth storm
the devil's magic has come to claim
from this witch comes a voice too deep
& a language that none can name
until the order comes she sleeps
moving on to which next will hang

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