Goat Of Mendes

Onward To Eireann

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The voice of Tuan:
They soared upon the wind above the crimson peaks of Connemara
As witchcraft filled their sails, they travelled on
Towards the hills of Rein, to conquer Eireann from the Fir Bolg's grasp
Thus spoke mighty Nuada, king of the Tuatha de Danann

Nuada, King of the Tuatha de Danann:
Mighty Sun-God Lug, we hear thy call to battle
May thy gaze of fire bless our blades
We sailed forth from the sun, for in this land we'll settle
The land of our forefathers, shores of Nemed
Ravenwinged warwitches ride the wind
To bring our enemies death and despair
The strength of our swords and all mystic forces on our side
The powers of Earth and Water, Fire and Air

Marching onward, onward to Eireann
The land which once was ours, proud island clad in green

Towards the vast plains of Magh Nia - HEY!
To Belgatan our warriors march - HEY!

Here we hide within the Black Hill's shadow
We rest 'neath the might of mount Belgatan
To test the power of our enemies blades
Awaiting the battles to come
Like the power of an earthquake our warriors stand
Here by the hillsides of Belgatan
Ready and willing to loose the bond
Which binds the spirit to mortal form

The voice of Tuan:
Then finally came the day when the two hostile forces' champions met
They took the test of strength, a blood-bond was declared
Breas Beautiful and Streng decided that the island might be shared
But both their kings refused and thus they met their fate

The huge plain of Magh Nia shall be the battleground
May our enemies' heads ride high upon our spears
So march my warriors bold, for we are glorybound
We are the Tuatha de Danann and we know no fears
Beneath the Raven-banners our shining army rides
Feel our thirst to challenge the worm-god's powers
We've got the fearsome magic of the thricefold Badb on our side
So by tomorrow's nightfall all Eireann will be ours

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